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A website is an absolute necessity for any business, now more than ever. Companies can no longer depend on just having a listing or advertisement in the local phone book. Consumers are using their home computers and smart phones to find businesses or services. Web Lion can create a unique website for your business that will give your company the online presence that is necessary in today’s market place. There are a variety of website solutions available to your business. Each offers a different rage of cost and quality. Web Lion has taken the best features of each of these website solutions and developed a design philosophy that can cater to any business. Simply put, Web Lion can create a website which is unique to your business that will impress your clients and customers, but at a price that is far less than you would expect.

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custom layouts

The low cost website solutions that are available to businesses have several setbacks. One of which is forcing companies to work within a pre-existing template. This limits the overall functionality of your website. Templates also hold back a website’s potential to express the uniqueness of your business. Web Lion believes in creating website layouts that are custom made for your business. Custom layouts not only provide endless possibilities when it comes to how your customers interact with your website, but custom layouts can make your company stand out from the competition.

A dynamic website is in many ways a work of art. Art is a form of expression. Your website should express your business’ unique approach, products, or services to your customers. Web Lion will work with you to create a custom website layout that achieves this expression, and separates your business from your competitors.

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cost effective

There are many businesses that understand the need for a website, however still can’t justify the cost of building one. They realize that a website will give your business credibility, but you may not look at a website as a revenue stream. Web Lion believes that any company's website should drive business. We can implement tools and techniques that turn your website from a business expense to a money maker. Web Lion strives to provide our clients with the highest quality products for the lowest possible prices.

Many customers have asked how we can produce dynamic websites at a cost that is often half of what other design companies have quoted them. The answer is very simple. Web Lion does not charge our clients for products, features, or services that pose little or no cost for us to provide. You would be surprised at how many design companies charge their customers for services that are actually free.

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eternal work in progress

If you are a progressive business owner, you are constantly trying to evolve and grow your business. Your company is an eternal work in progress. Since your website is an extension of your business, it should be one as well.

Web Lion will help your website grow with your business. We can ensure that your content and features are current. Technology is constantly changing as well. Web Lion will be sure to keep your company’s website up to speed with the latest technology.

As always, Web Lion will try to provide these updates at little or no cost to the customer. We feel that part of providing our customers with the highest quality products is ensuring that those products maintain their quality and value.

five things you should never have to pay for

One of the reasons that Web Lion can provide it's clients with superior products at much lower prices than other web design companies is that we do not charge our customers for products and services that cost us little, or nothing to provide. Here is a list of five products and services that we feel no business should ever have to pay for. Not only do many web design companies charge for these products, but we have found that the price can be pretty high.

1. In-Site SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a vital part to your website's success. The techniques utilized in SEO are what helps your website achieve high rankings with search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Having a high ranking with these search engines makes it easier for your customers to find you. That makes SEO a very important aspect of the design of your business' website. However, despite being so important, in-site SEO costs a design company nothing to provide. In fact, a good web designer can perform SEO as they are building the website. It really shouldn't even cut into the time spent building a web page or website. Also if a web design company claims they can guarantee that your website will be at the top of the search engine rankings after they impliment their SEO techniques, they are probably lying to you. SEO is not an exact science. There are certainly do's and don'ts. But there isn't an exact formula for getting your website ranked #1 with search engines. If there were, everyones website would be ranked at the top.

2. Google Tools

Google is generally considered the most popular search engine website. Google provides a variety of tools to website owners, or webmasters, which are very useful when determining the effectiveness of a website. Tools like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools can tell you everything about your websites performace and visibility on the internet. These tools can let your business know how many people visit your site each day and how they found your website. They can tell you where your website ranks for certain keywords that people use to search for website like yours. Google literally provides dozens of reports and tools that can help track the effectiveness of your businesses website. The most amazing part of all this is Google provides these services absolutely free of charge. All it takes is a few minutes to set up. We have found that many web design companies tend to charge a lot for the set up of these Google products.

3. Content Updates

If you provide a web design company content that needs to be updated on your website and they charge you for it, they must not want your continued business. As long as your content update does not change the overall layout of a webpage, there is very little effort involved. If you are providing the text and or images that you need updated on your website, the web design company incures no technical cost and very little labor cost. A simple cut and paste will do in most cases. We have found that many web design companies charge for any revisions or updates performed outside of the orginal content specified in the design of your website.

4. Hosting....In most cases

This one's slightly debatible, but unless your website is an absolute monster you should not be charged for hosting. First of all, many design companies do not host the websites they design. They lease space on servers provided by web hosting companies. Web Lion does this as well. The cost to lease the space on these servers is literally pennies a day. If a web design company were to charge one of it's clients $20.00 a month for hosting, that fee would cover the cost of hosting over 50 websites for an entire year. We have seen proposals from web design companies that include a monthly fee for hosting, and the cost was much higher than $20.00. If a web design company claims that they have their own on-site server that your website will be hosted on, know that you will be covering the costs for the maintainence, support, and housing of these servers.

5. XML Site Maps and Submission of Your Website to Search Engines

An XML Site Map and submitting a website to a search engine are two aspects of Search Engine Optimization. We have found that there are many web design companies that not only charge for these services, but charge for them separately and not not apart of their overall SEO services. As you may have already of guessed, these techniques come at no cost to the web design company. There are websites that will create an XML Site map for your website in seconds, free of charge. It is also debatible how important/effective XML Site Maps are in SEO. And search engines don't charge anyone for submitting a website to them. There isn't even a lengthy submition process.